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December 6-14, 2024 Itinerary
The Kanul Kingdom

Our trip dates are December 6-14, 2024. Our trip takes us to the Kanul Kingdom, including Calakmul, Balamku, El Palmar, Dzibanche and more. This trip is special because it allows participants to visit certain archaeological sites that are rarely if ever visited by members of the public and connect them to the Ancient Maya World. We will be learning and discussing the history of this area and how it connects the past to the present.

December 6-14, 2024 Itinerary

December 2024 Itinerary


The Kanul Kingdom


Arrivals By noon Friday  12/6

Arrivals at Cancun, etc.; Drive to Bacalar (Rancho Encantado)

Opening dinner


Saturday 12/7

Drive to Chicanna lodge

Visit to Becan and Chicanna en route

Opening lecture

Stay at Chiccana 

Bat cave at dusk one day


Sunday 12/8

Visit to Calakmul all day

Stay at Chicanna


Monday 12/9

Visit to El Palmar


Stay at Chicanna


Tuesday 12/10



Bat cave 

Stay at Chicanna


Wednesday 12/11

Check out from Chicanna lodge; VIsit Hormiguero (and/or Rio Bec?); Return to Bacalar

Rancho Encantado 

Free evening


Thursday 12/12


K’inich na 

Rancho Encantado 


 Friday 12/13



Closing dinner

Rancho Encantado 


Saturday 12/14

Departures afternoon mostly from Cancun 

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