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Maya Field Workshops brings ancient history to life through on-site visits to archaeological sites filled with stories of Kings, Queens, wars, massive settlements, and amazing legacies.


Maya Field Workshops started over fifteen years ago when David Stuart and Ann Stuart wanted to bring a group of curious travelers to the heart of the Maya world. Not just a "tour bus" experience, Maya Field Workshops teach you on the very sites where ancient royalty carved texts about their storied dynastic history. Since its beginnings Maya Field Workshops have hosted travelers in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and many parts of Mexico.


David's work is often cited as a primary source in the field. He is a National Geographic Society Exploration Grant recipient and has been featured in many articles for the National Geographic magazine. David's academic research has formed a significant part of our understanding of Maya hieroglyphic art and writing, and he has been recognized worldwide for his contributions, including a UNESCO World Heritage award.


He is the youngest recipient of the Macarthur Foundation "genius" award, a Guggenheim Foundation fellow, University of Texas at Austin Presidential Professorship holder, and many other distinctions. He currently teaches and runs the Mesoamerica Center at The University of Texas at Austin holds the Linda and David Schele Chair in the Art and Writing of Mesoamerica. He also coaches his son's  school sports team, which keeps him continually grounded...


Dr. David Stuart is an archaeologist and epigrapher specializing in the study of ancient Mesoamerica, the area now called Mexico and Central America. His work has studied all aspects of the ancient Maya civilization. He is widely recognized for his breakthroughs in deciphering Maya hieroglyphs and interpreting Maya art and iconography, starting at an early age. He is the youngest person ever to receive a MacArthur Fellowship, at age 18. He currently teaches at the University of Texas at Austin and his current research includes study of Maya, Aztec and ancient Mesoamerican images and texts.

Ann Stuart, DVM, moved to the Asheville area soon after graduating with honors from the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine and spending a year of clinical internship at the University of Georgia over 25 years ago. A horsewoman all of her life, Dr. Stuart is involved with endurance racing from the local level to international championship competitions as a 4 star FEI judge. Serving as a staff member for Team USA, she has been a veterinarian at multiple World Equestrian Games, North American and Pan-American Championships and has worked at events in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Japan and all over the US and Canada. Says Ann, "Working with your family pets is just as rewarding as working up lamenesses and maximizing performance in sport horses." She spends her spare time at her home in the mountains of Barnardsville with her many horses, dogs and cats. Ann Stuart is proof that humans are amazing and that big sisters can be totally awesome. Copyright Dave.

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