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Mayan Mural Painting from Bonampak 02 Mural Replica of the original fresco found in _The T

DECEMBER 7-14, 2023 and MARCH 5-12, 2024

Maya Field Workshops takes curious travelers to the heart of the Maya world

Image by Neven Myst

Our December experience will visit Yaxchilan, Bonampak, and Palenque to discover the Lacandon area of Southern Mexico.

Our trip dates are December 7-14, 2023.  We will be learning and discussing history, hieroglyphs, archaeology and art. We will connect the past to the present and see works of site-specific art that defy digital copies.


Learning on site in the heart of the Maya world allows participants a deeper understanding and a more vivid connection to the ancient peoples of Southern Mexico. 

Our December 2023 Focus:
Southern Mexico, "La Selva Lacandon"

Yaxchilan ruins at Mayan archaeological site located near river with full of mayan buildin
Tikal - Maya Ruins in the rainforest of Guatemala.jpg

Our March 2024 Focus:
Tikal and Naranjo Wars

Our March 2024 experience will visit Tikal, Uaxactún, Naranjo, Holmul, Peru Waka and more as we discover ancient Guatemala.

Our trip dates are March 5-12, 2024. Click the button below and join us.




Online Registration December 2023

Join the adventure through safe and secure online registration.


You can also call us at 828-230-9916 to register over the phone.



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