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MARCH  10-17, 2022

Maya Field Workshops takes curious travelers to the heart of the Maya world


Our March 2022 Focus:
The Mutul Wars, Peten, Guatemala

Our March experience will focus on a detailed understanding of a major political event of ancient Maya history -- the schism of the Mutul dynasty during seventh century, when the lords of Dos Pilas broke away from Tikal, forming new alliances. We will also give context to these events by looking at nearby kingdoms who played roles in the politics of the rival Mutul courts.


Our trip begins in Flores, Guatemala, and from there we will visit Tikal, Dos Pilas, Aguateca, Ceibal and Tayasal (in Classic times, the capital of the Ik’ kingdom). We will see and discuss the latest historical and archaeological work going on at these important sites. Most of our travel will be by bus and boat, and site visits will require light hiking and involve a moderate level of physical difficulty. 

Learning on Site with
David Stuart

Maya Field Workshops started over ten years ago when David Stuart and his sister Ann Stuart wanted to bring a group of curious travelers to the heart of the Maya world. Not just a "tour bus" experience, Maya Field Workshops teach you on the very sites where ancient royalty carved texts about their storied dynastic history. Since its beginnings Maya Field Workshops

has hosted travelers in Guatemala,

Honduras, Belize and many parts of Mexico.



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